As 2019 draws to a close and we move into the ‘20s we are excited to finish this year and start a brand new year by proudly sharing our new Corporate Identity (CI) with you. This was approved by our RMI Board of Directors in November and will be officially launched in the December/January issue of Automobil which will be available during the first week of December.

This modern new identity extends not only to RMI but across all of our 8 Constituent Associations.

This was not a change, purely for change sake. The primary objective was to unify a group of 13 different Constituent Association’s logos that have developed at different times and in different ways into stronger more aligned businesses. It was also the ideal time to look at new identities as many of our Associations have merged.

The RMI has effectively moved from having 13 different Associations to 8 strong Associations all falling under the strong RMI brand. Each of the logos have been modernised, whilst still retaining its unique essence and rich heritage.

Our new Association NADA represents the interests of business people who own or operate new motor vehicle and motorcycle franchise dealerships and qualifying used motor vehicle and motorcycle outlets. NADA is committed to the image enhancement of the retail motor business, facilitating the interface between dealers and OEMs; importers and distributors; building relationships between dealers and customers and bringing relevant industry issues to the attention of government. NADA is the respected voice on all matters relating to motor vehicle and motorcycle dealer business.

The new NADA logo facilitates the interface between dealers, OEMs, importers, government and other
key stakeholders. This two-way communication is at the heart of what NADA does best in finding
dynamic solutions to dealer issues. The two-way flow, coupled with the diagonal lines of the existing logo, has been built into a dynamic ‘N’ shape that is bold and unique. It retains its heritage blue so that the colour, the name and the ‘N’ all speak of NADA – but in a fresh and exciting way.

A comprehensive CI manual with clear guidelines on colours and font usage as well as all the logos will be housed in a central resource centre managed by Danelle van der Merwe at the RMI Head Office.

As of 1 December we will start rolling out the new identity on all collateral. Consistency in usage is absolutely key. We respectfully request that you replace any of your existing collateral which may carry our old branding with our new logo.

We thank you for your support as we embark on this change-over and the start of our new exciting

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